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Momentum Sports Tours

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  Momentum Sports Tours is dedicated to providing you with the best tickets to the best sports events, giving you the best possible view from the best seating, at the best possible price.

Momentum Sports Tours offers convenience, safety, and savings (consider gas prices and exorbitant parking fees). To provide you with the best traveling environment, we offer, for most tours, both Party Buses and Family Buses. Party buses provide, typically, a bar-type of atmosphere. Heavy drinking is allowed and a combination of rock’n’roll on the radio and videos on the VCR system will be provided for entertainment. Family buses provide a more reserved atmosphere. Smoking is not allowed, drinking is minimal, and sports videos play on the DVD system. Some tours provide a Light Drinking Bus. This is a middle-of-the-road bus where drinking is moderate, sports DVDs are shown, and no smoking is permitted. Normally, 15 minute stops at rest areas are taken for smoking breaks and to stretch the legs. 

Most tours are one-day affairs, generally encompassing between 11 and 12 hours. However, some overnight tours afford the most comfortable hotels.
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